There are many compilers available for C language for different platforms, of which Turbo C is the one used commonly for Windows operating systems. You may all know that Turbo C/C++ is a 16 bit compiler which was originally developed for Windows versions up to XP. Nowadays most people uses latest versions of Windows like Vista and Windows 7.

The primary reason behind this shift in usage of operating systems is “stability”! Windows XP is an unstable operating system where as Windows 7 is much better and can be considered as a stable operating system (when used for personal computing requirements). Now the problem is Windows 7 comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions only. You can’t easily run a 16 bit compiler in a 32 bit/64 bit operating system. Don’t expect compiler to work with direct installation as you might have already done in Windows Xp. But no worries! There are many tricks/tweaks which can make the compiler work in any versions of Windows – may it be 7/Vista – 32 bit/64 bit – it doesn’t matter.

 Turbo C/C++ for Windows Xp


Turbo C/C++ for Windows  7 (32 bit and 64 bit)




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