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Your Warm Welcome to Allicient, a technology blog that covers all the latest tips & tricks of the IT world & web development. Allicient was started on Dec, 2012 by Anoop Bhalwal. Allicient features mainly Computer Tips & Tricks, Softwares, Important E-books, Web Development study meterial, Tutorials, PC Skins & Themes, etc. The aim of  Allicient  is to provide technical knowledge and to help you experiment all the latest tweaks to optimize your device. I am sure you will learn to play with your Computer after going through my articles. Blogging is my passion, and reading lots of stuff on a daily basis. Most of the time I help fixing my friend’s computer or helping others who have a computer related problem. I’m highly interested in Linux, Open Source Softwares and Computer Graphics. I strongly believe that sharing of knowledge is the best way to learn many things. If you don’t share it, it becomes useless in your own hands. May be that’s why i started ” Allicient “.
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